Becoming a lovemark: Apple


The idea of stop being a brand and become a lovemark became a change between the consumer and the brand. The change consists in that you pass from a rational decision of buying a brand onto a passionate and irrational decision to be loyal to that brand. You will notice that when it becomes a lovemark, most of their errors will be forgiven: innovation lack, unpunctuality or the absence of a good price. (See Creating emotional connections with consumers) In a lovemark, the link between consumers and the brand is very strong. It has passed from a rational “I buy it because I obtain this” to an “I buy it because I love it”.

This makes what we call “soul complements”. Now we can stimulate the loyalty of a consumer, which goes far away to what you could achieve being a simple brand or a mega-brand.

Afterwards, there are the dreams that inspire companies: The founding vision of Microsoft was a great dream: “To have a computer in every house and office”. If you can dream it, you can achieve it.  Harley Davidson realized that 50-year-old people still wanted to rock in the streets. This people dream that one day, they will “send all to hell and will rush to the adventure”.

Again, Apple appears in here. They have become a lovemark. The company has been able to create and develop powerful emotional links that make customers love their products. They buy Apple stuff because they love Apple stuff, not because they need it.

This is the reason of why Apple innovates so much: they are still going to sell. People, even if they have the previous iPod or MacBook, fall in love with the new technical or design features of the new product, and they buy it.

As well, Apple's website videos contribute to this. All of their promotional activity is developed in their website. Why? Because they know that if people are in love with their brand, they will daily check their website for news, and if their target audience are their lovemark customers, just by putting promotional content in their website, they reach their objective: make customers be even more in love with Apple.