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The Mystery, Intimacy and Sensuality of Apple, Inc.


How to stand in this mare magnum of information? How to connect in a significant way with consumers? How to create brand experiences? How to convince people in order that they get compromised for life?

The other day we talked about how product proliferation leads to indifference, and taking that in mind we can foresee that in a deepest economy of search of attention there is only one way to prosper as professionals of marketing: EMOTIONS.

Everybody, in every part of the world, desires to live emotions. What moves human beings is emotion, not reason. We are guided by reasons, but we are moved by emotions. The neurologist Donald Calne expresses it in a brilliant way: The main difference between them is that emotions lead us to action, while the reason leads us to elaborate conclusions.

Happiness, sadness, anger, fear, surprise, repugnance, shame, culpability, pride, jealousy, envy… All of these lead us to the emotion number one, the most fundamental of all of them: LOVE.

However, how can a BIG LOVE distinguish from others? How do families to accumulate their big reserve of love? Which kind of love drives normal people to become extraordinary? Which love forges loyalty, talking in consumer terms? The combination of mystery, sensuality and intimacy, as said postulated by Saatchi & Saatchi’s Global CEO, Kevin Roberts. And  here is where Apple becomes the main character of this article.

When we talk about mystery we refer to something related to big stories; to the past, present and future; to anything that would raise our dreams; to myths and icons, to inspiration… Apple has been able to create and develop great strategic campaigns that don’t reveal their product until the end, maintaining mystery until the end. People want to know what is about to happen. Just to put an example, we probably remember how on 15th November 2012, Apple revealed that there was going to be a big announce coming from iTunes. Social media networks, journals, websites, blogs… everybody commented it and was waiting for its development. There was an immense buzz and mystery associated with it.

On the other hand, when we talk about sensuality, we refer to hearing, sight, sense of smell, taste or touch. Apple products combine both the sight and touch sensualities in one thing: design. You see it and you want to buy it. You touch it and you want to buy it even with more intensity.

And finally, we have intimacy. Apple, even if they do it, doesn’t need any kind of advertising spots, because just by enclosing one of their promotional videos in their website they fulfill their objective. Once people checks their website, ranked 39th in the world according to Alexa and ranked 2nd in terms of corporate website (just after Microsoft), they see amazing empathic videos that convince them. Videos where the leaders of Apple talk in a very appealing way, about the benefits of the product, showing the product, its’ main features and its’ design, creating an incredible atmosphere that makes you want to have it. You are not just viewing the video, you are actually desiring it and you get passionate about it.

These are the main aspects of intimacy: compromise, empathy and passion, and Apple combines all of them.

This is one of the reasons why people (including myself) love Apple and why I believe that their communication is simply great. They make people dream, desire and amaze themselves with their technology, creating an emotional connection with their customers, customers have stopped being just it and have in turn… become fans.